Gordon James Raine

Gordon Raine, the internationally respected jewelry designer, gem dealer and diamantaire based in the Pacific Northwest, has been a trailblazer in the diamond industry for over 35 years.  Diamantaires are the gem-quality diamond manufacturers, master diamond cutters and graduate gemologists who specialize in diamonds.

Gordon not only specializes in diamonds, he loves them.

This passion was kindled early on when, traveling around the world in 1970, he discovered the ruby and sapphire mines and manufacturers in Southeast Asia.  With acumen inherited from his family of entrepreneurs, Gordon formulated a career plan and pursued a GIA degree. While studying at the Gemological Institute of America, Gordon’s love for diamonds was ignited. After earning his Graduate Gemologist in Residence degree he returned to Seattle to hone his expertise of all facets of the jewelry business by taking positions in retail, wholesale and private sales.

Now keenly positioned to blaze a trail in the national landscape of fine jewelry, Gordon seized another opportunity in 1975 when he purchased Amcut Diamond Company, a small regional diamond wholesaler. He started as a supplier of wholesale loose diamonds to jewelry stores around the country and became the designer of exquisite diamond heirlooms with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that he is today.

Married in 1981, Gordon and Gretchen have two sons, Matthew and Michael.

Gretchen Raine

Designer Gretchen Raine has been playing with jewels since 1982.  She believes in wearing your treasures—not only saving them for “special occasions”.

This Communications major from Washington State University, and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate, is a lifelong connoisseur of rocks: from beach rocks, crystals and gemstones growing up in Kirkland, to the loose diamonds and fine jewels she crafts today into striking pieces for some of the Northwest’s most effortlessly lovely women. Her collections reference history with a decidedly contemporary spin.

Gretchen’s love for fine jewelry goes way back.  A personal hobby turned serious for Gretchen’s grandfather who, a physician by trade, was also one of the first graduates of the GIA.  Wanting to know what he was investing in, Grandpa Ogle took one bad experience of being sold a fake gem and turned it into a passion, ultimately building a beautiful collection of jewelry for Gretchen’s grandmother and her two daughters to enjoy… a collection Gretchen played with as a young girl with a tomboy spirit inherited from her mom.

“Life is the special occasion,” says Gretchen.   So she designs for women like her who want to wear what they love plus know exactly what they are buying.